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ILYx3 ILYx3 17 November 2011

Hello Sudden Attack Wiki =3

Hey guys. So this new game, Sudden Attack, just appeared in Nexon a few weeks ago. Ive noticed there is alot of similarities this game shares with Combat Arms. Like ranks, missions, and guns. I've never played the game before, but i'll try to download the game and play it; to see what's it like and all that. I just hope the game is a little better than Combat Arms, and im 100% sure there are no hackers in it. (Cause the game just released) In fact if the game is good, i might even quit Combat Arms and transfer to this new game.

So im pretty new here. I mainly edit from the Combat Arms Wiki. But since ive heard of this game, i decided to look it up and found the Wiki. its pretty blank here. So i decided to become an active editor here :P Aft…

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