Players within Sudden Attack can join a virtual community called a "Squad". A squad is a group of players that ally together, usually for certain reasons such as friendship or squad battle.

Sudden Attack's squad system commended amoungst free FPS games for it's simplicity and effectiveness.

Creation of a squad requires the player doing so to have 10,000 points and the rank of Staff Sergeant or higher. The player must input a squad name of up to 16 letters. Unlike most games, squads may have certain symbols in their names.

Once the squad is created by the player, that player is now Squad Leader. The Squad leader is a position only held by one player in the squad at a time. The former can pass Squad Leader to anyone over the rank of Staff Sergeant at any time.

Squads cannot have multiple or no leaders. The Squad Leader is the only person capable of changing the squad name, squad emblem or adding a squad expansion item. Squad Leaders, can, however, appoint Vice. Vice are usually either the most skilled or high ranked members of the squad, friends of the squad leader, or chosen through their potential to lead.

Vice have the power to accept people into the squad, but strangely no power to kick out people, even those that they recruit themselves. This results in Vice being a rather flawed aspect of the squad system.

Even though players can be invited to squads, they still have to pass an Application, which is then put on a waiting list only accessible by the Squad Leader or Vice. Players may write a message on this application to increase their chances of being accepted if they fit the ideal requirements of the player viewing it. Players that are accepted will automatically be part of the squad without needing to relog out of the game or change servers.

Players may also leave squads at any time. The ability for players to simply join and leave squads with relative ease is one of the most frowned upon aspects of the squad system.

The current #1 in Sudden Attack NA is H@ckerz- As of 27 July 2011 they have attained 15,902,539 EXP.

The current #1 in Sudden Attack SEA is SprayAndPray. As of 27 July 2011 they have attained 14,024,221 EXP.

This suggests that NA squads (known in "Clans") have progressed much faster than in the Asian version, considering NA's release was after SEA. Although Thailand and Vietnam's rankings are unknown to the writer of this article, this is nothing compared to the top Korean clan (One.PoinT), which possesses (from an outdated reference) 151,366,738 EXP, with 141,257 total matches played.